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PV plants

Washpanel Service is a company specialized in PV plants’ cleaning. It operates in the industrial and the agricultural sectors as well as in land PV parks cleaning. Thanks to its exclusive tools, all by Washpanel technology, WPS cleaning service complies to all norms indicated by the TUV certification. Washpanel service provides a fast-cleaning service, for an exceptionally low cost ensuring a high-quality result.

Who we are

Clouds are not the problem.

A proper cleaning of your plant
can positively affect your revenue.
1 euro di pulizia
1 euro spent for cleaning
10 euro di guadagno
10 Euros saved

It is clear enough that when your panels are dirty you renounce to a percentage of their production capacity. This means that you are also losing money. A loss on the investment represents a real issue as a PV plant as well as a solar park require a great expense, up to thousands of euros, even up to a hundred thousand. What is the point in allocating such an investment if then you do not take the most of it?

Why Clean?

Our best

Why choose Washpanel Service?

We use the best technology available on the world market to clean solar plants. Our strong points are
Ottima qualità dei lavaggi
Great quality and uniformity of the cleaning service thanks to our certified robots
Tecnologia esclusiva
One-of-a-kind technology guaranteed by Washpanel trademark
Lavaggio rapido
Available all over Italy through our partners’ network
Unico interlocutore
Single spokesperson for all your recurring services
WPS method

Where do we operate?

Washpanel Service is company specialized in in PV plants’ cleaning. It operates for the industrial and the agricultural sectors as well as for land PV parks cleaning. Our main strength is a very qualified WP robots’ technology combined to our longstanding know-how. This ensures the highest efficiency.

Solar parks

Land production plants

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Solar roofs

Regular, plain pitch plants and shed roofs

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piccoli impianti

Further installations

Industrial plants with irregular and reduced surfaces

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If you are an O&M company, contact us and ask how you can optimise
your cleaning operations for the panels that you manage.

Improve your performance and your working revenues.

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