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Specialized and professional services for PV plants and PV parks cleaning.

Washpanel Service is a company specialized in PV plants’ cleaning. It operates in the industrial and the agricultural sectors as well as in land PV parks cleaning. Thanks to its exclusive tools, all by Washpanel technology, WPS cleaning service complies to all norms pinpointed by the TUV certification. Washpanel service provides a fast-cleaning service for an exceptionally low cost ensuring high quality.
Washpanel’s headquarters is in Italy, Veneto. There you can find a team of experts specialized in PV plants washing. WPS operates all over Italy, through some partnerships with specialized companies.
WPS main customers are O&M companies operating in the solar sector. Besides, WPS works with farms (poultry, bovine…), and medium or big enterprises equipped with PV plants for a total capacity of at least 100KW.

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WashPanel technology, an all-inclusive cleaning service

Washpanel Srl is a world leading company in the design of PV plants cleaning systems. It produces several types of machines: from the automatic version that moves automatically in case of rain, to the semiautomatic that is certified for all panel types, and eventually to the manual machines, more suitable for smaller plants or those split in multiple sections.


Washpanel owns an international patent for all its products. On top of this, the company obtained all the required certifications (TUV, First Solar, Next tracker, Array, and many other modules producers) to ensure its customers a solar panel cleaning without risks along with the highest efficiency and durability.
TUV certification was released after a simulation of a 20-years cleaning considering one washing per month with a WP robot. Since, it did not produce any damage to the panels, it guarantees that WP products have a higher quality, maximise the productivity of any PV plant through a professional and periodical cleaning operation.

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