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We suggest one/two washing per year as a standard. The location of the site could vary this suggestion. A monthly cleaning would be required in industrial environments where smoke and dust are present, as well as in livestock farms where you can find animal feed in the air or thick steam due to the presence of animals such as pigs or cows. If the cleaning is not regular, you would risk a decline of the production performance and consequently, a lack of the investment convenience.

Washpanel Service provides a complete and high-quality service, equipped with all the required expertise to carry a roof or a park cleaning and the most performing tools. After contacting us, all we must do is set the date for the cleaning and identify the potential specific risks or limitations to better plan our timing and teamwork.

The cleaning cost can vary depending on several factors such as the panels position (on land, over a roof etc.), as well as the structure type and accessibility. To provide you with a precise quotation we prefer to plan a prior inspection to avoid any misleading information. In general, we menage to be competitive on the market thanks to our dedicated machines. We are confident with our job. You can find a table reporting all economic data about in the specific website section.

Washpanel does the PV plant cleaning directly or through a network of partners on the national territory. It could be interesting for the plant electrician to understand whether our cleaning service is worth the investment for a proper plant development. Also, he could understand whether a dedicated robot could be required by the environment conditions or a manual solution could me more suitable and faster. In every case, getting in touch with our spokesperson could help into choosing the best and most convenient solution.

Our service is mainly oriented toward enterprises, industrial and agricultural sectors and to the cleaning of at least an 80-100 KW capacity. If you need to clean a smaller plant, we recommend using Washpanel MM/MM ASTA robots that allow to reduce the cleaning time if you have a quite big and irregular structure.

We have been operating in Italy directly or through our partners, so far. A further development abroad is our current goal. If you are interested in using our technology and our know-how, feel free to contact us so that we can consider the opportunity stake.

Washpanel Service uses Washpanel srl technology. Washpanel srl is a leading company in the production of robots for PV panels cleaning. Washpanel’s machines are installed in several plants all over Italy and abroad. You can go visit the operating machines prior agreement to a visit by our customers. You can also see them in our showroom in Villorba (TV) by appointment.

Choosing to buy an automatic or a manual machine should be decision taken after an accurate evaluation about the investment convenience of carrying a periodical washing to maintain the efficiency of the plant. This is possible only through an inspection pinpointing all characteristics of the plant and the site. Our technical office is available for such analysis after which you can be addressed to our commercial office with a coupon for your next purchase order.

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